Agents Of Shield “6×04 – Code Yellow” HD Screen Captures

Agents Of Shield “6×04 – Code Yellow” HD Screen Captures

As with episode two of this season last nights all new episode 6×04 – Code Yellow was on the people on Earth but Chloe was still in the episode a little bit as a avatar in Deke’s Framework, It was a funny little part for her both times she pop up. You can view the captures in the gallery and the bad news is that after only 4 episodes we are having a 2 week break from the show and it will be back on June 14th.

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Chloe Bennet is Ready to Give Asian Americans the Representation They Need in Hollywood

Nextshark – Chinese American actress Chloe Bennet, famously known for her portrayal of Daisy “Skye” Johnson on the television series “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” has recently unveiled the trailer for her latest project with Dreamworks Animation.

“Abominable” tells an adorable story of a young Chinese girl named Yi, voiced by Bennet, who discovers a young Yeti on the roof of her Shanghai apartment building and soon embarks on an epic quest to reunite the magical creature with his family.

This comes as a welcome addition following the announcement of several other Asian American-centered cinematic projects announced within the last several months. “Abominable” is an opportunity for young Asian children to see themselves represented on the big screen in the form of a vibrant and relatable animated character.

Bennet spoke with NextShark about the upcoming film, her own cultural roots, and the importance of being authentically represented in Hollywood.

For the actress, being a part of this project was a nostalgic and personal experience:
“Every part of Yi feels so much more familiar than any character that I’ve ever played, and a big part of that was just that connection with her Chinese roots,” she revealed.

“There’s so much nostalgia wrapped in so many of the different situations and just the themes of the movie, of trying to figure how to deal with grief and with loss and how family means that you’re there for each other. And there are many themes like that that are so parallel to my life and getting to play her was really therapeutic in a way, like to be centered back to my nostalgic roots.”

Throughout the film’s conception and production, the most emotional and touching aspect of her role was always the thought of young Asian children who will eventually watch the film:
“I’m excited for Asian kids to watch it and see just a part of them represented in a really cool way and it’s all about these kids stepping outside of whatever it is that scares them, and for each character that’s something different. It’s about getting closer to the things that inspire you and it’s about adventure.”

Yi certainly appears to be the strong female character many Asian girls could only dream of seeing on screen in previous generations. “It’s just such a good heartwarming, funny and sweet film, I’m very excited for young Chinese girls to see themselves in Yi because she’s so fiercely independent and really learns the power of vulnerability throughout the film because I think that’s one of the most important lessons for all of us to learn.”

“I’m excited for kids, not just Asian kids, I’m excited for White kids to see themselves in an Asian character because that reversal is also just as important because Asian kids have been doing that for a very very long time and now I think it’s equally as important for everyone to see it,” Bennet added,

Like many other Asian children who grew up around the influences of media, primarily Western media, Bennet understands the lasting effects of diverse representation on a child’s mind and why characters like Yi are so necessary:
“It implants in your mind what you believe you can do and what you can’t. When you’re a young kid and you don’t see anyone that looks like you on screen you think you have to be a certain way to be the princess or to be the hero or to be the superhero, you think, ‘Oh if I don’t look like that, then I don’t think I can be that.’ I know it did that for me. I thought that I’d have to be a certain way to make it and that shouldn’t be the case at all,” she tells us.

“I wish that I had a Yi when I was a kid, I think it would have changed my perspective on a lot of things so I hope this does that.”

The discussions regarding authentic representation within the Asian American community have often debated who is truly “Asian” enough to represent us in the media. As a person of mixed heritage, Bennet was ready to address these concerns for viewers:

“I lived in Shanghai for two years and my Chinese culture was so much more prominent than any other part of me growing up, so I feel much more connected to that side of me than I think people think upon looking at me,” she explained.


Agents Of Shield “6×03 – Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson” HD Screen Captures

Agents Of Shield “6×03 – Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson” HD Screen Captures

Here are the HQ screen captures from last night’s all new Agents Of Shield 6×03 – Window of Opportunity. We were back with Chloe and co in space this week and had one of the best episodes with them so far both Chloe and Liz did just a amazing job being as high as a kite and Chloe having a fight scene as well just made the episode all the better. You can view the captures in the gallery.

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Yeti Hilarity Ensues In Adorable “Abominable” Trailer

Yeti Hilarity Ensues In Adorable “Abominable” Trailer

EW – There’s a yeti on the loose in the new trailer for Abominable, but don’t worry: Contrary to the legend surrounding the mythical creatures, he’s the cuddly, harmless kind (who also likes to belch and roll around like a giant snowball).

The first sneak peek at DreamWorks’ latest animated adventure (above) previews the monster’s journey from Shanghai to the Himalayas after a young girl, Yi (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star Chloe Bennet), finds the wayward yeti on the roof of her apartment building. Yi’s grief over a family death inspires her to lead her new friend — whom she nicknames Everest, like the iconic mountain — back to the snow-capped peaks of Nepal.

Pixar veteran and Open Season director Jill Culton wrote the screenplay for and directed Abonimable, which she says packs an emotional punch that makes the film a bit more complex than standard family-animation fare.

“From a female filmmaker standpoint, I think it’s always difficult when you pitch an emotional movie,” Culton previously told EW of the film. “Like, I always had to take away the word ‘magic’ because if a woman pitches a magical yeti story with a girl who plays the violin, it instantly seemingly skews young. But this movie, I had to keep pitching the vision. I mean, it gets big at the end of this movie. It gets dangerous, it gets scary, the visuals are over the top. It is not an easy movie, and it deals with hard subject matters as well. I don’t want these movies to just be sheer entertainment, where people leave the theater and they forget about it. I work so many years on these movies that they have to mean something.”

Abominable premieres Sept. 27 in theaters

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Premiere Of Netflix’s “Always Be My Maybe”

Premiere Of Netflix’s “Always Be My Maybe”

On May 22nd Chloe made a new appearance at the premiere of Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood California. Chloe’s close friend Ally Maki as well as Arden Cho, Harry Shum J and Ross Butler were also in attendance. Several HQ photos from the evening have now been added to the gallery with thanks to Far Far Away for the photos. Enjoy!

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Agents Of Shield “6×02 – Window of Opportunity” HD Screen Captures

Agents Of Shield “6×02 – Window of Opportunity” HD Screen Captures

Here are the HQ screen captures from last week’s all new Agents Of Shield 6×02 – Window of Opportunity, Chloe was only in the last minutes on the episode and the rest was about what was going on Earth I do hope this is not a thing they are going to keep doing each episode till they all come back as one group. You can view the captures in the gallery.

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Going Away

Hey all just a little update to say I will be going away tomorrow till Monday night for the con I should have been meeting Chloe at but she had to cancel it very sad but I will still have a great time, so no updates on the site till I get back as I will not have my computer or laptop with me in this time so Shield should be up on Monday or Tuesday.

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