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Welcome to Chloe Bennet Net, Your online resource dedicated to actress Chloe Bennet, You may known Chloe from her roles in "The Nightlife" as a co-host, "Nashville" or her main staring part on "Agents of Shield" and "Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors" as Daisy 'Skye' Johnson and the 2020 movies "Valley Girl" and "5 Years Apart". It is our aim to being you all the latest news, photos, information and much more on Chloe's career. We hope you enjoy your stay!
April 04, 2021  abby Comments are off Chloe News

April 04, 2021  abby Comments are off Chloe News, Gallery

Last week Chloe post some little videos of her hair being done red and how good does it look right, for her new role as Blossom for the CW’s new show The Powerpuff Girls that Chloe is now filming the pilot for right now. You can watch the little videos below and some photos from it are in the gallery.

April 04, 2021  abby Comments are off Gallery, Photoshoots

And Chloe is on a roll with these new photoshoots with year, We have one more photoshoot that Chloe just did with some flowers and a red background. So far only two photos from it are out but I hope more will come soon.

March 23, 2021  abby Comments are off Agents Of Shield, Gallery

Again a big thank you to Iain Decaestecker.net / EclecticMuses and Clark Gregg University we have 6 new promos of Chloe from season 2 of Agents Of Shield that they released last week. They are all up and in the gallery for you.

March 23, 2021  abby Comments are off Gallery

We have a new Chloe photoshoot that she did last week with her friend. So far we have 1 official photo, and some on set photos and video that you can watch below. hopefully more will come soon.

March 19, 2021  abby Comments are off Interviews

Entertainment Weekly – Olivia Munn, Dianne Doan, and Chloe Bennet are opening up about their experiences as Asian actresses in Hollywood.

During EW’s Around the Table conversation with Asian entertainers that also included Daniel Dae Kim, George Takei, and Hari Kondabolu, the stars spoke to EW on Sunday about a lack of support in the industry for Asian actresses.

“When you are a minority and person of color, I just think that the criticism is harder, and there is not much of a filter on it,” Munn says, explaining that she’ll see all the Marvel stars rally for each other, but when someone comes after a woman of color, they don’t receive the same public support. “Whenever anybody comes after a minority woman, a lot of times we’re left to fight our own battle and usually, it’s a lot of times just like weathering the storm. And so I find that that happens more than anything. It’s not so much like an active hate that’s coming at us when we get a role, but it’s more that we don’t get that huge amount of support.”

Bennet, who played Quake in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., agrees. “You don’t have to have an opinion when you’re in this situation. When you are a minority, when you are a woman, you have to have an opinion. There’s no support,” she says, adding, “It’s like these in-between moments where you’re thrown out to the wolves.”

Doan says that she hasn’t necessarily received backlash for being cast in roles, but she does feel that her characters are judged differently. “Something that I find really interesting is working on my show Warrior, an Asian woman in a position of power or wanting power automatically becomes the villain,” she says. “Experiencing those comments from the audience of, ‘Well, she’s a bitch, or she’s power hungry, or she’s evil.’ Why is that? I feel like in media, Asian women, we always played the supporting role or behind someone or less than.”

Hawaii Five-0 and Lost star Kim pointed out that what Doan, Munn, and Bennet were describing sounded like what happened to Kelly Marie Tran, who received an onslaught of online hate and bullying aimed at her appearance and ethnicity after being cast as Rose Tico in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

“It goes back to the psyche of people that it’s okay to go after Asians, that it’s okay to make fun of us,” Munn explains. “The hate crimes that are perpetrated against us are okay. It happens so much to our people, and we have to keep swallowing it.”

She continues, “And what happened to her was devastating to watch, and it was devastating to hear how quiet people were about it. It felt like non-Asians were very quiet about it. What we’ve been hearing a lot lately, what I’ve been seeing a lot lately, which I really appreciate, is people saying your anti-racist activism has to be inclusive. If you are anti-racist, then you need to be also upset about what’s happening to Asian Americans. It doesn’t make sense if you’re doing it just when it’s trendy.”

EW’s full Around the Table conversation — which was recorded just two days before a gunman in Atlanta killed 8 people, a majority of whom were Asian women — also centered on ongoing racist attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic, how people can help protect and amplify the voices of Asians, and what representation means during such a difficult time.

March 12, 2021  abby Comments are off Uncategorized

A big thank you to Clark Gregg University/Ming Na Wen University/Iain Decaestecker.net for letting me use there promo photos of Chloe from Agents Of Shield Season’s 2 and 5 and the 100th episode photoshoot. So each week we will get more from them to add to the site on top of the Chloe season 3 promo photos I will be added in my self and I have been told there maybe some more just Chloe photos from other season’s coming after all the season 3 one’s are out.

March 12, 2021  abby Comments are off Gallery, Photoshoots

Chloe at last has a new photoshoot from this year for us all to see. The shoot was taken in and around her house but it’s still get to see new photos of Chloe just having fun and being her crazy self for the camera. I more will come soon.

March 12, 2021  abby Comments are off Uncategorized

TV Guide – What better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than taking a deep dive into the franchise that gave us some of the most complex leading ladies of the modern era? There really isn’t one, which is why CBS Interactive, which TV Guide is a part of, teamed up to give Marvel fans an in-depth look at women dominating the extended Marvel universe from cinema to TV to comics and more.

TV Guide checked in on the future of Marvel and talked to all the reigning teen queens of TV. From Runaways to Cloak and Dagger to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to Marvel Rising, Marvel’s next generation of heroes are tackling problems bigger than their silver screen counterparts: navigating not only their newfound powers but also wild emotional roller coaster that is being a young adult. Everyone from Chloe Bennet to Olivia Holt dished on what it really takes to be a superhero and why playing a Marvel teen means so much to them.

Chloe Bennet, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Marvel Rising
“When I was a kid, I really desperately wanted to be blonde hair, blue eyes, from California,” said Chloe Bennet, who plays Daisy (formerly known as Skye) on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Bennet, who stole hearts as the budding superhero Quake, admits that even with seven years of dominating the Marvel TV universe with multiple live-action and animated projects, she still feels like a fish out of water.

“I wish that I had a show like this when I was younger,” Bennet admitted. “To think of myself living on the south side of Chicago, being half-Chinese surrounded by all my brothers and playing pretend in the alley… To think of the fact that now I can become a superhero…” she trailed off, needing a minute to grapple with how far she’s really come. Without anyone who looked like her in pop culture, Bennet said she understands how important seeing often-ignored minorities do things they’re not “supposed” to do — like becoming a leading lady, or fighting off alien invasions — really is.

That’s why she tackles her Marvel role with the same sense of responsibility her character often takes on. “I was just trying to pay my rent,” Bennet said, describing her initial audition process. “But then it was like, ‘Oh God. Oh, I’m playing a superhero. And it’s one of the first Asian superheroes. Oh God, that’s a responsibility that I’m kind of taking that on the same way that she had to take on her powers.'” It’s a parallel journey that’s made her character such a standout in Marvel. Bennet, like Daisy, might not be ready to solely shoulder this massive responsibility of representation, but she loves going into work every day and trying to.

“That’s a superhero. When you have to step up to the plate when you’re not ready,” she said. “When you try your best and maybe don’t succeed in certain aspects, and continue to try.”

March 09, 2021  abby Comments are off Gallery

Two new photos from a photoshoot Chloe did in 2019 at the Toronto International Film Festival, I’m so happy we are still getting new photos from back then and hope more make there way online.

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