Singing Career
At the age of 15 Chloe was asked if she would like to become a pop stat in China. After talking it over her her family she moved on her own to Shanghai China to start her singing career. Chloe’s released her debut single “Uh Oh” in both English and Mandarin and the song did very well. That let to her doing her one and only live show at the Zebra Music Festival in 2009 with a audience of over 30.000 people, The festival was a charity concert for the anniversary of the Sichuan Earthquake which left 5 million people homeles. After that Chloe’s last single was to be “Every Day In Between” solely in English this time. After two years Chloe put a stop to her dream of being a pop star and came home to Chicago.

Chloe’s full album never did come out but here is all the tracks that I know about to this date. You can find download links for all the full/live and snippet of the songs as well as Lyrics and other info. Please note these songs were very hard to find so please give back credit but do enjoy them.

Chloe Wang
Label: Nettwerk Music Group
Release Date:
1. Uh Oh – Full Studio DownloadLyrics
2. Every Day in Between – Full Studio DownloadLyrics
3. Way I Do – Full Live Exclusive Download
4. Love Attack – Full Live Exclusive Download
5. Beautiful – Full Live Download
6. Hearbeat
7. Turn It Up – Studio Snippet Exclusive Download
8. Stuck On You – Studio Snippet Exclusive Download
9. Uh Oh (Chinese Version) – Full Studio DownloadLyrics
10. Love Me Like This – Studio Snippet Exclusive Download

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