Chloe Bennet Says She Binged ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ in One Day: “I Couldn’t Stop”

Hollywood Reporter – The actress reveals that she watched the show starring Anya-Taylor Joy before it was cool — which means she streamed all seven episodes the day it hit Netflix.

With my schedule, I rarely get to see things before the hype surrounds certain projects. I’m always the last to see things. For some reason — well, not ‘for some reason’; it’s because of the global pandemic — I remember being home right when The Queen’s Gambit loaded onto Netflix. I was immediately taken by the general aesthetic of the show and how intentional and striking Anya Taylor-Joy was as the character. I spent the whole day watching [all seven episodes] — I couldn’t stop. I thought it was one of the best things I’ve ever watched. And no one was talking about it yet! I felt immediately cool, like such a hipster. The intentionality of it all was so clear to me, and even the evolution of Beth’s aesthetic was so subtle and striking, and told a story in a way that doesn’t reduce wardrobe, hair and makeup to being female or frivolous, which a lot of shows tend to do. The way that women in particular express themselves and really mature, grow and communicate through their hair, makeup and clothes, it was just so well done. And to inspire someone like me, who literally cannot play chess? I have, like, seven chessboards now!” — AS TOLD TO TYLER COATES