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March 02, 2016  Comments are off Events, Gallery

Last Saturday Chloe and Elizabeth made a stop at the WizardWorld Cleveland Convention to do a panel, photoshoots and autos with the fans for the day. Photos from the event are now up in the gallery for you all

All photos are credit to there owners

believeinsteverogers was at the panel the girls did and had this to say about it.

-Skaisy (Simmons/Daisy) is the hot new couple. It’s also possibly an STD.
-Skaisy is also a music duo.
-Chloe actually snuck on set to watch the FitzSimmons kiss, but stayed hidden cuz she knew Iain would be grumpy about it otherwise.
-Chloe didn’t know the acting rules regarding kissing at the start of the show.
-Chloe got her a leopard print pencil case but keeps forgetting it at her house.
-Elizabeth calling Chloe “Babes” is the cutest thing ever.
-Chloe got to share a plane with Hemsworth on the flight in (she also was on his plane along with Frank Grillo on the ride back). She was very pleased with this.
-Chloe once fell asleep in Lola during a break. Apparently Clark Gregg also had some difficulty driving Lola. Lola will not be making an appearance in Season 3.
-Funniest moment on set was Clark Gregg hiding a fart machine during a plane crash set where they all just had to bounce in their chairs. He first hid it under Chloe’s seat.
-The cast all found out about Ward being Hydra together, except for Elizabeth, but she was there in spirit as they found out inside her trailer, because it was the neatest place to meet.
-Chloe’s superpower would be getting from one place to another in a blink because she hates traffic. The only traveling she didn’t mind is with Chris Hemsworth.
-Chloe is secretly a Kardashian and trades places with Khloe.
-They both love Homeland.
-They said that Civil War will likely affect Agents of Shield but then quickly shut that train of talk because obviously they can’t.

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