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Welcome to Chloe Bennet Net, Your online resource dedicated to actress Chloe Bennet, You may known Chloe from her roles in "The Nightlife" as a co-host, "Nashville" or her main staring part on "Agents of Shield" and "Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors" as Daisy 'Skye' Johnson and the 2020 movies "Valley Girl" and "5 Years Apart". It is our aim to being you all the latest news, photos, information and much more on Chloe's career. We hope you enjoy your stay!
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tvline – The CW’s live-action update of the Powerpuff Girls franchise is heading back to the drawing board to become a bit more, well, real.

As reported on Monday, the buzzy pilot did not make the cut for The CW’s 2021-22 slate, but is being reworked for later consideration — with all cast and writers still attached.

“Sometimes things miss, and this was just a miss,” CW Chairman & CEO Mark Pedowitz told TVLine during a Tuesday conference call. “We believe in the cast completely, we believe in Diablo [Cody] and Heather [Regnier], the writers, and we believe in the auspices of [executive producer] Greg Berlanti and Warner [Bros.] Studios. In this case, the pilot didn’t work. But because we see enough elements in there, we’re going to give it another shot. We didn’t want to go forward with what we had.”

Powerpuff stars Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Chloe Bennet, Descendants‘ Dove Cameron, Broadway vet Yana Perrault and Scrubs‘ Donald Faison as, respectively, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup and Professor Utonium.

Asked by TVLine how exactly the first crack at a pilot came up short, Pedowitz said, “Tonally, it might have felt a little too campy. It didn’t feel as rooted in reality as it might have. But again, you learn things when you test things out. And in this case, we felt like, ‘Let’s take a step back and go back to the drawing board.’”

As the network boss noted, “This is a powerful property, it has engaged a lot of interest, and we want to get it right before we put it out.”

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Chloe made a appearance on the Broadcast Special See Us Unite for Change – The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) in service of the AAPI Community with others like Daniel Dae Kim, Lisa Ling, Jhené Aiko, Saweetie and hosted by Ken Jeong. Chloe only had a little part in it and she talked about the struggle the asian community is facing and what politicians are trying to help. You can watch the video here and screen caps are up in the gallery for you all.

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A big thank you to Clark Gregg University/Ming Na Wen University/Iain Decaestecker.net for letting me use there promo photos of Chloe from Agents Of Shield Season’s 2 and 5 and the 100th episode photoshoot. So each week we will get more from them to add to the site on top of the Chloe season 3 promo photos I will be added in my self and I have been told there maybe some more just Chloe photos from other season’s coming after all the season 3 one’s are out.

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TV Guide – What better way to celebrate Women’s History Month than taking a deep dive into the franchise that gave us some of the most complex leading ladies of the modern era? There really isn’t one, which is why CBS Interactive, which TV Guide is a part of, teamed up to give Marvel fans an in-depth look at women dominating the extended Marvel universe from cinema to TV to comics and more.

TV Guide checked in on the future of Marvel and talked to all the reigning teen queens of TV. From Runaways to Cloak and Dagger to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to Marvel Rising, Marvel’s next generation of heroes are tackling problems bigger than their silver screen counterparts: navigating not only their newfound powers but also wild emotional roller coaster that is being a young adult. Everyone from Chloe Bennet to Olivia Holt dished on what it really takes to be a superhero and why playing a Marvel teen means so much to them.

Chloe Bennet, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Marvel Rising
“When I was a kid, I really desperately wanted to be blonde hair, blue eyes, from California,” said Chloe Bennet, who plays Daisy (formerly known as Skye) on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Bennet, who stole hearts as the budding superhero Quake, admits that even with seven years of dominating the Marvel TV universe with multiple live-action and animated projects, she still feels like a fish out of water.

“I wish that I had a show like this when I was younger,” Bennet admitted. “To think of myself living on the south side of Chicago, being half-Chinese surrounded by all my brothers and playing pretend in the alley… To think of the fact that now I can become a superhero…” she trailed off, needing a minute to grapple with how far she’s really come. Without anyone who looked like her in pop culture, Bennet said she understands how important seeing often-ignored minorities do things they’re not “supposed” to do — like becoming a leading lady, or fighting off alien invasions — really is.

That’s why she tackles her Marvel role with the same sense of responsibility her character often takes on. “I was just trying to pay my rent,” Bennet said, describing her initial audition process. “But then it was like, ‘Oh God. Oh, I’m playing a superhero. And it’s one of the first Asian superheroes. Oh God, that’s a responsibility that I’m kind of taking that on the same way that she had to take on her powers.'” It’s a parallel journey that’s made her character such a standout in Marvel. Bennet, like Daisy, might not be ready to solely shoulder this massive responsibility of representation, but she loves going into work every day and trying to.

“That’s a superhero. When you have to step up to the plate when you’re not ready,” she said. “When you try your best and maybe don’t succeed in certain aspects, and continue to try.”

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On 20th October Chloe’s other movie that she filmed in 2018 5 Years Apart was released to the world on Blu-Ray and DVD and I got my copy of the blu-ray from Amazon US. Chloe plays the role of Emma who is the sister to Chloe’s long team best friend Ally Maki who plays Olivia and who’s husband Andrew is having a birthday party that is gate crashed by his younger brother Sammy who he has not seen in 5 years and from there Emma and Summy meet and all hell go’s on. The movie takes place over 2 nights and days and is just set it 3 main places but it was a good watch and nice to see Chloe working with Ally at last and taking on more adult parts. Full 1080p screen captures are up in the gallery for you all to see and just to note this is a adult movie so some parts are a little bit more mature to look at.

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Only a week after the last set of candids came out Chloe and Gregg were back having lunch at Erewhon in Los Angeles on 18th November, This time there was only a couple of photos from the day but they have been added into the galley for you all.

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I no its a little late but here is part 5 of Chloe’s exclusive season 3 promo photos, I hope you all enjoy this part and please give credit back if you use them. Part 6 will be coming soon and this may end up having 100 parts by the end.

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Screenrant – Agents of SHIELD star Chloe Bennet got a tattoo to honor her time playing Daisy Johnson, aka Quake. Marvel TV launched their first show on ABC in 2013 with the hook of Clark Gregg reprising his role as Phil Coulson after the character’s death in The Avengers. While most viewers were familiar with Gregg from the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, the rest of Agents of SHIELD’s cast was filled with fresh faces, including Chloe Bennet.

Over the last seven years, Agents of SHIELD featured an eventful arc for Daisy, but it is now over. The series finale of Agents of SHIELD aired recently, giving fans and the stars of the show closure in regards to the story. The end of the show has led those involved to reflect on seven seasons. Marvel even released a video of the emotional table read of the final episode so fans could see the reactions of the cast as they prepared to say goodbye. But, Bennet has made sure that Daisy will be with her forever.

In honor of the series finale of Agents of SHIELD, Bennet revealed that she got a tattoo to commemorate her character. The actress got a tattoo of a daisy flower on her arm, and she shared pictures of the tattoo process on Instagram. It comes after seven seasons of playing Daisy Johnson in more than 130 episodes, which saw Bennet’s role in the show grow as time went on.

The finale of Agents of SHIELD left Daisy’s story in an intriguing place. She was last shown to be aboard Zephyr 3 in space with her own team, which included Daniel Sousa and her sister Kora. There are so far no plans for Daisy to return in a spinoff, but that hasn’t stopped fans – and Bennet – from hoping that will happen. Bennet has repeatedly said that she doesn’t think her time as Quake has truly come to an end, so she is optimistic that another Marvel project will come calling at some point.

Even if Bennet never gets the chance to play Daisy again, she will now always have a reminder of this adventure and her time on Agents of SHIELD. It is so far the biggest role of her career and played a big part in Bennet’s growth as a performer. Now that Bennet got this tattoo, it won’t be too surprising if Agents of SHIELD fans follow her lead and get daisy tattoos of their own. This is a cool and simple idea for those interested in commemorating their appreciation of the show and Daisy, so it could catch on with fans.

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5 Years Apart, a film starring Chloe Bennet, Michael Vlamis, Scott Michael Foster, Ally Maki and Craig Low, is now available on video on demand. The film is distributed by Gravitas Ventures.

Vlamis is also a producer on it, too. The film originally premiered last September at the LA Indie Film Festival, where it sold out its screening.

The film tells the story of two estranged brothers who were born on the same day, five years apart. When they suddenly run into each other at their family vacation home on their birthday weekend, they have wildly different expectations for how the weekend is going to play out.

It’s available now on the platforms below, and will roll out on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Fandango, Redbox and more over the next month.
Comcast, Spectrum, At&t, Directv, Cox, Dish, Verizon, Frontier, Suddenlink, Mediacom, Armstrong, Rogers, Shaw, Telus, Bell

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Here is part 4 of Chloe’s exclusive season 3 promo photos, I hope you all enjoy this part and please give credit back if you use them.

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