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Welcome to Chloe Bennet Net, Your online resource dedicated to actress Chloe Bennet, You may known Chloe from her roles in "The Nightlife" as a co-host, "Nashville" or her main staring part on "Agents of Shield" and "Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors" as Daisy 'Skye' Johnson and the 2020 movies "Valley Girl" and "5 Years Apart". It is our aim to being you all the latest news, photos, information and much more on Chloe's career. We hope you enjoy your stay!
May 09, 2020  abby Comments are off Events, Gallery

Hey look people a update it’s a miracle right. I have added (well they have been in the gallery for a long time but) all the missing 2019 events Chloe did and they are Abominable Special Screening At The Grove, Abominable Special Screening In New York, amfAR Gala Milano 2019, Boss – Front Row – Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020, Green Carpet Fashion Awards – Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020, Abominable Special Screening In Milan, Special Screening Of Youtube Original’s “Impulse” Season 2, Prabal Gurung Celebrates 10 Years & Book Launch, HFPA And THR Golden Globe Ambassador Party and The Unforgetttable Gala with full HQ photos thanks to Far Far Away for them all. I am going to be getting this site back up and going again I prouise.

September 22, 2019  abby Comments are off Abominable, Events, Gallery

On September 13th was the big day for Abominable US press junket with Chloe, Jill Culton, Albert Tsai and Tenzing Norgay Trainor all doing Press Junket interviews, games and other things like that for the movie. So far a lot of interviews are now hitting the web and will be added in soon and a lot of photos from the day have as well been added into the gallery.

September 22, 2019  abby Comments are off Events, Gallery, Photoshoots

On the last day Chloe was at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival she did one last set of portraits, again I don’t no who it was for and only one photo from it has been released from it but it’s a cute photo of Chloe and worth a look. And that is it for all the TIFF updates for Chloe right now some new videos or photos may come out down the road but for now it’s done.

September 22, 2019  abby Comments are off Abominable, Events, Gallery

And the other big press interview that Chloe, Jill Culton, Albert Tsai and Tenzing Norgay Trainor did was for Variety Studio but again we don’t have the video interview to go with the photos but as with the AT&T On Location we do have the photos up in the gallery for you all and maybe one day the video.

September 22, 2019  abby Comments are off Abominable, Events, Gallery

As well as the Special Screening And Q&A Chloe did a lot of press interviews on day 3, the first big one we known about is with AT&T On Location that she did with Jill Culton, Albert Tsai and Tenzing Norgay Trainor. At this time the video that should go with the photos is not out but as I said the photos are so head over to the gallery to view them and I hope the video one day.

September 22, 2019  abby Comments are off Abominable, Events, Gallery

On day 3 (September 09th) Chloe and some of the cast made a special screening of Abominable with a 40 minute about Q&A on top of that. There are no official photos from the event out but we do have a video of the Q&A and some photos people took inside of Chloe so I have added them to the gallery and you can watch the video below.

Featuring the voices of Eddie Izzard, Sarah Paulson, and Chloe Bennet, this spectacular animated adventure follows a clever teen girl and a Yeti as they rove the Himalayas in the hopes of reuniting the charismatic creature with his family.
This spectacular family-friendly feature from Hollywood’s DreamWorks Animation and China’s Pearl Studio takes us on a wild adventure from bustling modern city to gorgeous countryside to mystical mountaintops, all in an effort to help a charismatic creature evade his captors and find his way home.

Having fled the secret laboratory where he’s been detained, a young Yeti frantically scurries through the streets of Shanghai before hiding on an apartment rooftop, where he takes solace in a billboard advertisement for travel to Everest. It’s also where he meets Yi (Chloe Bennet), a resourceful girl struggling through adolescence while nursing a profound personal loss. Yi and the Yeti discover a shared fondness for Yi’s grandma’s dumplings — which the Yeti consumes in crazy quantities — and a love of music. An outspoken advocate for Asian actors and film roles in Hollywood, Bennet voices Yi with an impressive mix of American confidence and Chinese family values.

Yi quickly surmises that her new companion is being hunted by a squad of ruthless militiamen, led by wealthy collector Burnish and the zoologist Dr. Zara. Recruiting two cousins as accomplices, Yi determines to help the Yeti get away. With their pursuers hot on their tails, the quartet hop on a barge bound for the Himalayas, where the Yeti can be reunited with his family.

Written by Jill Culton (Monsters, Inc.) and co-directed by Culton and Todd Wilderman, Abominable recalls such beloved family adventure classics as E.T. Featuring the voices of Eddie Izzard and Golden Globe winner Sarah Paulson, the film brims with humour, derring-do, and surprising twists, leading us on a journey of friendship, healing, and love.

September 22, 2019  abby Comments are off Events, Gallery

The next day Chloe only made one event this time for The Hollywood Foreign Press Association And The Hollywood Reporter Party at the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto. Chloe looked elegant and classy in her black dress with her hair up as it was. HQ photos from both events are now up in the gallery with thanks to Far Far Away for them.

September 22, 2019  abby Comments are off Events, Gallery

After the Abominable premiere early in the day Chloe made two new event in the night on September 07th, The first for Entertainment Weekly’s Must List Party At The Toronto International Film Festival 2019 at the Thompson Hotel we only have two photos from that event unfortunately. And the other event was for The Creative Coalition’s Annual Spotlight Initiative Awards Dinner Gala that was honouring Chloe as well as Nicolas Cage, Imogen Poots, Keke Palmer and Alex Wolff. HQ photos from both events are now up in the gallery with thanks to Far Far Away for some of them .

The Creative Coalition, the Premier Arts and Entertainment Social Advocacy Organization, is pleased to honour actor, singer and the newly anointed co-host of “GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke,” Keke Palmer (Hustlers), Nicolas Cage (Color Out of Space), Imogen Poots (Castle in the Ground), Alex Wolff (Castle in the Ground), and Chloe Bennet (Abominable) at the 2019 edition of the Creative Coalition’s Spotlight Initiative Gala during the Film Festival in Toronto.

September 22, 2019  abby Comments are off Abominable, Events, Gallery, Interviews

Chloe Bennet leads the Abominable voice cast as Yi, a teenager who crosses paths with a young Yeti she dubs Everest. With the help of her friend Jin (Tenzing Norgay Trainor) and his cousin Peng (Albert Tsai), Yi sets out on an epic journey to reunite Everest with his family. Along the way they must steer clear of Burnish (voiced by Eddie Izzard), a wealthy financier hellbent on capturing Everest.

During our chat with the team behind the movie, they highlight the highly collaborative nature of the project and what surprised them most about voicing characters in an animated feature. In addition to that, the group also plays a round of “Collider’s Most Memorable,” discussing favorite foods, unusual wrap gifts, and the one scene from Abominable that might go down as the most memorable scene they’ve ever done. You can hear about it all for yourself in this video interview!

September 22, 2019  abby Comments are off Abominable, Events, Gallery

Back on September 07th Chloe made her first ever appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival promoting her new animated movie Abominable with co-stars Albert Tsai, Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Sarah Paulson and director Jill Culton and the big premiere for the movie took place that day at the Roy Thomson Hall. Chloe looked absolutely amazing that day in her long blue dress. Over 200hq photos from the event are now up in the gallery with thanks to Far Far Away for some of them

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