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March 25, 2016  Comments are off Agents Of Shield

Recent episodes of “Marvel’s Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D.” have meant major changes for both Daisy Johnson and Grant Ward. Daisy — formerly known as Skye, now kind of known as Quake — is coming into her own both as an agent and as an Inhuman, with a new romance in her life and a sense of purpose that’s expected to lead her to forming her own band of Secret Warriors; Ward is… well, Ward’s dead, at the hand of Director Coulson, but the duplicitous agent’s body currently serves as the vessel bearing the malevolent otherworldly being known as Hive.

During a recent break in shooting on the set of the series, actors Chloe Bennet and Brett Dalton joined visiting press including CBR News to provide a glimpse into the current goings-on in their characters’ heads, including Daisy’s plans for the Secret Warriors and Ward’s goo-filled new reality.

On the consequences of Daisy and Lincoln hooking up:
Chloe Bennet: I think with any relationship, if you work together and you’re in a relationship, I think whether you’re an Inhuman or in S.H.I.E.L.D. or you’re [showrunners] Marissa [Tancharoen] and Jed [Whedon], I think there’s going to be problems just because you’re with each other all the time. And I think it gets a little bit bizarre because I’m more of the leader of the team. Women in the relationship are usually wearing the pants. I think Daisy probably wears the pants.
Overall, it’s probably a good thing. Being Inhuman and being a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, it’s not just work, it’s so personal because it’s her blood, it’s who she is. I think having him on the team helps her open her eyes to seeing other aspects because he’s been an Inhuman longer and he’s kind of not as sensitive to it or used to, maybe, the criticism and is able to handle it in a less emotional way, so I think maybe it helps her a little bit.

On whether Coulson told Daisy off-camera that he’d (seemingly) killed Ward:

Bennet: I actually don’t know that! Did it happen off-camera? I think it happened off-camera. I think word may have gotten out, but I don’t know if Daisy and Coulson have really had a conversation about it. That hasn’t played out yet on camera. I think it has gone without being said, a little bit. That’s how I have been playing it.

Credit: comicbookresources.com
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