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August 13, 2020  Comments are off Agents Of Shield, Gallery

Screen Rant – Agents of SHIELD star Chloe Bennet was initially unsure about the romance between her character Daisy Johnson and Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj).

Agents of SHIELD star Chloe Bennet was initially unsure about the romance between her character Daisy Johnson and Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj), but she came around to it. Bennet was been a part of Agents of SHIELD from the very beginning, when she played hacktivist Skye. Over the course of seven seasons, Skye evolved into the superhero Quake through a journey that some hope isn’t quite over. Agents of SHIELD came to an end on Wednesday night with an epic two-part finale that miraculously ended with every character getting a happy ending, even if part of it was bittersweet.

One of the real surprises of Agents of SHIELD season 7 was the addition of Agent Carter’s Sousa. The SHIELD team met him during their time-traveling adventures in the 1950s and rescued him from an untimely death. It didn’t take long for a connection to spring up between Daisy and Sousa, one that culminated in a kiss during the season’s ninth episode. At the end of the Agents of SHIELD series finale, it was revealed the two have formed a real relationship and are traveling the distant reaches of space together as, as Sousa calls them, “Astro Ambassadors.”

Bennet spoke to Fandom about Daisy’s new romance, and she admitted that it took her some time to come around to the idea. “I’ll be honest, I was concerned at the beginning when they told me about it,” Bennet said. She felt protective of how Daisy grew without a romantic relationship, explaining, “It’s really rare to see a character that is my age that centers around her growing as a person and not her growing in love. I was pretty protective of that, and that narrative for a lot of young women who watched her grow up and watched me grow up on the show – that not all female characters have to be revolved around their love life.” However, as Bennet has watched the season come to life, she’s definitely come on board the Daisy/Sousa train. As Bennet said:

It’s taken me watching [the season] to go, ‘Oh my god, I really loved it for her.’ I thought it was actually — in a weird, sci-fi, nerdy way — totally romantic and totally makes sense. Of course, it would be him! And I actually really find both Sousa and Enver to be incredibly complementing to the storyline and to that character. And to feel her growth. Someone who loves strong women, it’s really fun to watch. So I’m a total shipper!

Online reactions to Daisy and Sousa’s relationship have been overwhelmingly positive, so it’s safe to say Agents of SHIELD was smart in bringing them together. Daisy didn’t have much luck in the romance department before Sousa came along, and for fans who have been with her since the beginning, it was sweet to see Daisy find love. Plus, Sousa proved to be an excellent addition to the team, and fans were happy to see him find a new place after Agent Carter’s abrupt cancellation.

Bennet has been open about her desire to return as Daisy in future MCU project, though nothing official has been announced. Still, if Daisy were to reappear further down the line, there could also be a chance to bring back Sousa. The two looked to have a very solid partnership at the end of the Agents of SHIELD finale, and it could be interesting to see their adventures in space. At the same time, if this really is the end of the line for Daisy, at least she was able to get her happily ever after.

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