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March 31, 2016  Comments are off Agents Of Shield

The only constant on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” is change. Few know that better than Skye, who is now Daisy Johnson and possesses Inhuman powers; Gemma Simmons, who has been to another planet; and Melinda May, whose background and tragic backstory has been revealed across two and a half seasons.

Stars Ming-Na Wen, Elizabeth Henstridge and Chloe Bennet — who play Agents May, Simmons and Daisy, respectively — visited the world famous CBR Tiki Room at WonderCon in Los Angeles to talk about S.H.I.E.L.D. as a family unit, how that family has grown and changed over the years and more. They talk the ins and outs of Daisy’s new role as a leader, whether FitzSimmons will get a happy ending, and what it’s like for Wen not to be able to outwardly show emotions in her role as Agent May.

On whether Daisy can rise to the occasion and both lead the Secret Warriors and keep the world safe for her fellow Inhumans:

Chloe Bennet: What’s great about the show and about Marvel is that what’s so relatable about the characters is that you see these people in leadership positions but it’s not just an obvious choice. So many times you’re kind of dropped into a show and there’s just the leader and it’s just who they are and they’re in a position of power and they’re confident and that’s just it — they’re the leader and they’re confident and they’re leading everybody.

But for Daisy, I think what makes her such a good leader is how much she’s been through, so she can relate to everyone on the team and she really has so much empathy and that’s what I love about playing her. She really genuinely cares about everyone so deeply and it wears heavily on her because she obviously went through this big Inhuman change and there’s basically a whole episode dedicated to her really dealing with that change. It’s really important to help other people for her. And so what I think makes her such a good kind of… unconventional leader is that she’s really kind of still learning and I think that’s so realistic that leaders are — it’s almost like when you grow up and you realize that your parents are just humans, parenting.

Credit: comicbookresources.com
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