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April 20, 2016  Comments are off Agents Of Shield

19 APR 2016

Share. The SHIELD star on what this new turn of events means moving forward.

BY ERIC GOLDMAN Warning: Full spoilers for this week’s Agents of SHIELD episode below.
There were some big developments on Agents of SHIELD this week, particularly in the final moments. In the wake of what happened, I spoke to Chloe Bennet about what this all means going forward.

Yes, Daisy has been infected by Hive and is now under his thrall. And as we saw, she’s not messing around, using her powers in a way we’ve never seen to attempt to bury SHIELD headquarters – and the people she normally cares about – inside.

Here’s what Bennet had to say about this turn of events and what it’s like playing a different take on this character.

IGN: Alright, let’s talk “Dark Daisy.” What did you think when you saw that whole reveal and what you were going to do at the end of this episode?
Bennet: I was genuinely kind of horrified. The writers brought me up to the office and I was like “Oh, okay I’m dead!” That’s what you always think when you get brought up before an episode is about to come out and they were like “No, no you’re not dead. But… You’re evil!” So they explained to me what sway was and what being under sway meant. It was really hard for me to understand and I was like, “What does that mean? Am I bad? Am I like this forever?” The writers come up with 22 hours of content every season, so things are going to happen. People go through spells when they’re not themselves!

IGN: Is it interesting for you to play Daisy in such a different way after all this time?
Bennet: It was really hard for me to make that transition. We live with these characters and I feel like I play Daisy more than I am myself for how much we work and you want to really understand and really respect the character’s decisions and when you don’t, it’s hard. When you’re shooting, you have to be in that headspace. This is a person that’s essentially under drugs without her control. But she’s still acting like herself and I think that was the hardest part about it. And it was really tough to betray Lincoln like that. That was really hard for me. I was like “Why? Why did you do that?” [Laughs]

IGN: That was a massive display of her powers at the end there. Are we going to continue to user her powers in bigger and potentially more destructive ways that she never conceived of?
Bennet: Yeah, I think you see how much she’s been restraining herself at SHIELD, which kind of ties into the whole Civil War theme to me. How much control should people have over people with powers? Because the second people who are manipulated are put into the wrong hands or are raised by someone who doesn’t have good intentions, these people can be incredibly powerful — and that’s evident and emblematic in what Daisy goes through. Because she becomes so much more powerful under Hive’s sway. That clearly shows how much she’s been restraining her powers and how much she controls herself. She really goes crazy moving forward with how brutal and unexpected and displaying new ways that she’s powerful. We’ll see more of that coming up, which was fun to do. To go, “That’s cool, I can do this and I can do that.” But knowing that it’s not for the greater good is a bit tricky for me.

IGN: I have to ask about the flash forward we’ve gotten of that spaceship because as Daisy said, she’s seeing someone’s death, not necessarily her own. Now that she’s under Hive’s control, is that still a concern of hers?
Bennet: It’s 100% in the forefront of her mind. In “Spacetime,” episode 13, that proved that there’s nothing you can do to change fate. She saw the future and that is going to happen and so I think that’s a 100% in her mind for the rest of the season. It definitely leads to utter heartbreak.

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