Agents Of Shield “4×15 – Self-Control” HD Screen Captures

Well last night was the conclusion of the LMD (Life Model Decoy) storyline, Leading upto this I was not a big fan of it all, It was to slow and not going places but man did this pull it all out for the last episode. Both Chloe and Elizabeth did a heartbreaking performance in this episode and were just amazing in all. The show is now going into part three of it’s storyline Hydra World with Daisy and Jemma hacking themselves into Aida’s Framework to try and fine the team but the great news for people (well me I love him) is Grant Ward is back (again) so thats good right?. The bad news is Agents Of Shield will be taking some time of and will resumes Season 4 on Tuesday, April 4. but till then enjoy over 500 HD screencaps from

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