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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

EW got to do a interview with the show runners of Agents Of Shield and they had this to say about the upcoming season final of Agents Of Shield next week.

Fitz rejects her, so what does her wrath look like in the finale?
WHEDON: Not everyone will survive. Not everyone will survive.
BELL: There’s a line where she’s having all these feelings, and Fitz tries to assure her. “There’s so many feelings, that’s why I’ve decided to feel just one: vengeance. I like vengeance. It’s clean. It’s sharp” — and it’s like she found something to grab onto, and so she’s pretty clear in what she wants.

How epic is that fight going to be?
BELL: Exactly as epic as we can afford.
WHEDON: Not as epic as the first draft [of the finale script]. The first draft was pretty epic.

Anything you guys can tease about your finale cliffhanger?
TANCHAROEN: You want to see what happens, right?
WHEDON: I say we have a cliffhanger, but I think the cliffhanger is the tease.


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