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September 20, 2016  Comments are off Agents Of Shield

Going into her fourth season of “Agents of SHIELD,” actress Chloe Bennet — who plays Daisy Johnson, A.K.A. Quake, on the Marvel Comics-based series — is ready to shake things up, literally and figuratively.

The flash-forwarding finale of the Marvel series’ third season revealed a Daisy that, in the wake of her mind-control by Hive and the loss of her paramour Lincoln, appears to have gone back to her pre-SHIELD existence as a rogue agent provocateur — only this time equipped with three years of espionage training and an array of increasingly versatile seismic Inhuman powers. She also has her recent mentor Phil Coulson, now no longer SHIELD’s director and back in the field, and her partner Mack Mackenzie hot on her trail.

Bennet recently joined CBR and a small gathering of reporters at the Television Critics’ Association fall press tour for a tantalizing discussion about the increasingly shaky ground Daisy’s standing on.

Why is the setup this year for Daisy especially fun for you?
Chloe Bennet: You know, it really feels that we’ve kind of closed all of the loose ends from the first season to the third season. Now, there’s kind of a reset button on our show, and everything’s gotten a breath of fresh air now – or a breath of fire!

So things are different. We have a new director, and that comes with a new leadership. He’s changing the tone of S.H.I.E.L.D., he’s changing the way things are done, which will be interesting for the audience to kind of be dropped into the new world and how we’re all getting along on the base.

Daisy’s gone rouge. She’s really mourning. She’s really in pain. Everyone she’s gotten close to has actually died, so I think she feels like her way of protecting the team – and Coulson, Simmons, Fitz, May, and Mack – is to really just distance herself from them, because I thinks she feels like that’s the only way she can keep them safe.

Does she have a purpose? Has she found a new direction?
I think her direction, she really feels like she’s serving penance for what she’s done, and I think her purpose has just been, I think she’s just trying to do as much good as she possibly can, and help as many people, and Inhumans in particular, as she possibly can. I think also, I think her way of doing good in her mind is staying away from the people she cares about.

After three seasons, what do you love most about her?
My favorite part about Daisy is her empathy. And no matter what she’s been through, and no matter what has happened to her throughout the season, she still remains so empathetic towards the people she cares about, and towards complete strangers. She’s such a big heart.

People say, “Why is she so cold this year? She’s really turned dark.” That, I don’t think, has ever gone away. I think her way, she loves these people so much that she feels, she’s going to sacrifice herself and just distance herself to kind of protect them.

Credit: CBR
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